Friday, 26 February 2016


 To start a blog about my reasons to smile i think it's right to blog about the people who made me smile the most.  My Family, the ones who made me who i am today.

  My father the funniest man i know, I have watch him work his butt off to proved for our family,doing a job he totally hated for years is the most selfless thing he could have done for us, and once we all grew up he followed his dreams and got the career he always wanted, he still makes me smile to this day and even laugh till it hurts.

 My mother is the happiest, strongest most wonderful women I know, she did anything she could to make me and my siblings happy growing up, even when money was tight she found ways to make us smile and laugh, something as simple as drawing a face on her chin and hanging of the couch upside down and telling funny stories. Being raised by my best friend really made life an amazing adventure.

    I think I lucked out because i got and older brother and an older sister. growing up as the baby of the family was not always fun but as we all grew up we realized how awesome we all were and we got closer, I now see my sister everyday and I couldn't be happier, my brother lives far but when i do get to spend time with he is the best big brother.

 Family is the best gift life gives you, and I love mine, they makes me smile everyday, they are the biggest reason I smile, and I hope I make them smile too.